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  • 03:56 New Sonata Arctica - Love

    Sonata Arctica - Love

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    Video for SONATA ARCTICA's track "Love", taken from the album PARIAH'S CHILD, out on Nuclear Blast. The album was recorded and produced by the band at "Studio 57" in Alaveteli, Finland. The mix was done by the band's new bass player Pasi Kauppinen.

  • 01:22 New Silverstein - This Is How The Wind Shifts

    Silverstein - This Is How The Wind Shifts

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    This Is How The Wind Shifts, video for the title track of Silverstein's album 'This Is How The Wind Shifts' on Hopeless Records.

  • 05:11 New Bloody Hammers - Welcome To The Horror Show

    Bloody Hammers - Welcome To The Horror Show

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    BLOODY HAMMERS, the band revolving around the charismatic mastermind Anders Manga, release their third album "Under Satan's Sun" viaNapalm Records. this album follows once more the dark paths populated by sinister characters and spectral apparitions. Dark

  • 04:09 New Breathe Atlantis - Applause (Lady Gaga Cover)

    Breathe Atlantis - Applause (Lady Gaga Cover)

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    Applause (Lady Gaga Screamo Cover), official music video of Breathe Atlantis´ cover of "Applause" originally performed by Lady Gaga. Video recorded & produced by: Philografie. Mixing & Mastering by Prime Recordings. Produced by: Breathe Atla

  • 04:42 New Coldrain - The Revelation

    Coldrain - The Revelation

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    The official music video for coldrain song "The Revelation" out on Hopeless Records.

  • 03:42 New LoveSix - Night Of The Creeps

    LoveSix - Night Of The Creeps

    by Rock-Label TV Added 66 Views / 1 Likes

    Official Music Video for "Night of the Creeps" by LoveSix, taken from PLATINUM. Directed by Jad Haber [SSS Productions] Copyright © LoveSix

  • 03:10 New Breathe Atlantis - I Am The Tide

    Breathe Atlantis - I Am The Tide

    by Rock-Label TV Added 39 Views / 0 Likes

    I Am The Tide, music video of Breathe Atlantis

  • 04:04 New Massive - One By One

    Massive - One By One

    by Rock-Label TV Added 34 Views / 0 Likes

    One By One, music video from the hardrock band Massive, out on Earache Records.

  • 04:49 New Pet The Preacher - Remains

    Pet The Preacher - Remains

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    Remains, music video of Pet The Preacher, taken from the album "The Cave & The Sunlight", out on Napalm Records. Produced and Directed by Rasmus G. Sejersen [] Idea & Concept by Pet The Preacher

  • 07:02 New Slomind - Throne of Volt

    Slomind - Throne of Volt

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    "Throne of Volt" from the debut EP "GROWN AGAINST THE GRAIN", 2013. recorded by mf-c at Tribal wave studios Düsseldorf

  • 03:32 New Spitback - Inside

    Spitback - Inside

    by Rock-Label TV Added 43 Views / 0 Likes

    Band- Spitback Album- Spitback Song- Inside, music video of Spitback from the album Spitback, 2013 on FM-Records. Film: Aggelos Tsap. Edit : Th Style. Guitars:George Vlahavas. Bass: Marilena Gatsiou. Vocals: Petros Tsigas. Drums: Zografos Nikos. http://ww

  • 05:55 New Red Sky feat. Martina Ambruosi - Neve

    Red Sky feat. Martina Ambruosi - Neve

    by Ideogram Added 37 Views / 0 Likes

    Music & Lyrics: Red Sky ( REDITSDirected by : Alessandro RedaelliD.O.P. : Alessio SartoriMake Up: Giuditta ZorziOrigami Jewel: Kumiko's Origami JewelrySpecial Thanks: Francesca GhezziHairstylist: Elisa Mancastro

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